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Country priorities


1.   Sustainable Growth: with focus on e.g., Green dimensions of urban development; Public infrastructure and public urban areas; Development to attract/support sustainable ecotourism and sustainable development of space and urban planning;  Support for community areas and inclusive spaces, spatial and urban planning development. 

2.    Good Governance: with focus on e.g., Building/support of inclusive society, Democratic participation, Support of the needs of vulnerable and disadvantaged people.   

3.     Rural Development, Jobs and Livelihoods with focus on e.g., cultural heritage, preserving cultural heritage as a part of ecotourism. 

4.     Disaster Risk Reduction and Environmental Protection with focus on e.g., Development of Protected Landscapes and Areas, Waste Management; Exit Single-Use plastics, Air pollution and renewables, Green procurement, Circular Economy and Food Waste. 

North Macedonia

1.      Poverty and economic exclusion Supporting the business ecosystem with a focus on entrepreneurship, enhanced value chains and trade; Digital transformation of the SMEs and industries; Addressing labour market challenges through digital upskilling programmes; Future-skills needed for green transformation of the companies.

2.  Climate change and natural resource management Strengthen local capacities for climate change adaptation and mitigation, efficient management of ecosystem resources, especially water, and DRR. Solutions towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing coping capacities and rural livelihoods.

3.      Effective, people-centred governance and rule of law Effective and people-centred governance through strategic planning, increased regulatory and oversight capacities at local level. Solutions for following the work at municipal level of all involved partners for transparent and accountable governance analysis, decision-making, budgeting and execution.

4.      Criteria on innovation: Degree of Innovation – Demonstrated by SDGs relevance and originality, i.e. new product or approach, new to local market/sector, disruptive and transferable that properly consider risks


Republic of Moldova    

1.    Sustainable Growth, with focus on e.g., Inclusive and Equitable economic growth, Support of markets, employment and encouragement of economic growth, Mitigation of negative impacts of economic decline in the sectors of agriculture, market, employment.  

2.    Sustainable Forest Management, with focus on e.g., management of forests and protected areas, diversification of income in forestry sector with focus on added value products and Sustainable Green Cities, with focus on e.g., Green Technologies & Affordable Energy Sources, ensuring energy affordability, and mitigating the impacts of energy poverty for local communities; and Innovation for Road Safety, including safety of pedestrians, smart solutions, AI-enhanced and other tools for monitoring of traffic violations. 

3.    Solutions on Digital Transformation, with focus on e.g., Digital Innovations & New Solutions for ICT Sector for local communities in and refugees from Ukraine; Digital Innovations in Farming and Agriculture including digital farmers registry (ID numbers, monitoring of results and output); and advisory group on compliance to EU rules and standards.  

4.    Climate Change with focus on e.g., Energy efficiency, Green Energy and Transformation (Based on EU Green Deal), including Development of national programs, Private sector engagement, Funding mechanism and development of financial schemes green public development; Environmental sustainability and resilience; Ensuring energy affordability and mitigating the impacts of energy poverty for local communities and refugees from Ukraine.   

5.    “Just Transition” – Environment; Anti-Corruption and Eco-Innovations in the Governance Line, with focus on e.g., Digital services and technologies to improve and support the public service delivery, increasing people’s engagement, enhancing transparency, accountability, inclusion.  


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