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Polish Challenge Fund is joining the multi-donor programme BOOST Solutions for COVID-19 in partnership with UNDP

Beyond the immediate health crisis, Covid-19 has impacted our economy, the future of work, governance, and health. UNDP BOOST is an acceleration program for social impact innovation with a mission to boost and scale solutions to Covid-19 challenges.

BOOST is a joint initiative by UNDP Europe and Central Asia with partners across the region and beyond, including the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Slovak Ministry of Finance, and Koc Holding. Together, we have launched several challenges that aim to tackle development issues related to: digitization, economy and wellbeing. This Programme builds on the multiple partner approach, uses proven signature solutions like Polish Challenge Fund – and at the same time preserves the strategic goals of the partners with their comparative advantages and long-term hands-on experience.


A special edition of the Polish Challenge Fund

Under the Polish Challenge Fund, the following 3 windows are to cover the COVID-19 challenges:

  1. NEW DIGITAL SERVICES & VOICE: To respond to the emerging inequalities and needs across different sectors, we are looking for innovative digital solutions that are inclusive – from reimagining banking for the unbanked to new forms of organizing and giving voice, as well as community-led service provision.
  2. LOW TOUCH ECONOMY: To foster economic growth, we are looking for solutions that introduce new ways of production/consumption and support contactless economies, remote delivery services and remote work opportunities.
  3. WELLBEING: To support the wellbeing of individuals and communities, we are looking for innovative solutions that promote individual connection and psychosocial wellbeing, and other holistic ways of improving resident wellbeing.

Key information:

  • Who can apply: private sector entities (commercial companies), universities and research institutes registered in Poland
  • What: offering innovative technology, product or service, or preparing a feasibility study
  • Country of implementation: Ukraine and Republic of Belarus
  • Objective: to transfer Polish know-how, technology and innovative solutions in response to COVID-19 crisis and to bring a new solutions in the context of the 2030 Agenda
  • Innovation​: Solutions that use cutting-edge technologies, social and digital innovation tools and that transform current business models with digitalization
  • Effectiveness​: Solutions that demonstrate how they will tackle one of the issue areas impacted by Covid-19
  • Grant: from USD 20 000 up to USD 40 000 to implement an innovative project
  • Own contribution: min. 20% of the project value (financial or in-kind)
  • Engagement with local partner needs to be documented (letter of intent or contract)
  • Timeline: 27 July: open call, 13 September: submission deadline, 12 October: winners announcement, October 2020-April 2021: PCF programme delivery


For more information reach out to Katarzyna Rozesłaniec, Programme Specialist for the Polish Challenge Fund at UNDP IRH:

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