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ICT Coordination of the Development of Community Engagement Addressing COVID-19 Pandemic (CODE)


Poznan University of Economics and Business Knowledge Transfer Centre

Local Partner:
Hi Tech Office Ukraine

Total budget, incl. co-financing:
US$ 56,600

US$ 40,000

Time Frame:
15.7.2020 – 31.1.2021

The Ukrainian health system faced serious disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, needing external assistance, provided by mobilisation of public resources, but also civic initiatives. These efforts were constrained by the lack of information about the exact needs and coordination.

The solution consisted on adaption of the proven Polish tool CODE ( in the Ukrainian context. CODE is an advanced ICT Tool and Community for coordinating decentralized and bottom-up civic support to the Ukrainian health centers and hospitals. Project proposed the solution for mobilizing civic support in addressing material and know-how needs related to COVID-19 pandemics and resulted in establishing the fully localized ICT system and community supporting mass civic mobilisation to address shortages of equipment and material needs.


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