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Implementation and Dissemination of solar-powered smart hives with sensors to monitoring productivity, collect honey and collect data for the research bees diseases


IT Consulting Igor Kurdin

Local Partner:
BALTASI and Ukrainian Bjilnyk and Beekipng Development Group

Total budget:
US$ 61,402

Requested budget:
US$ 39,674

Time Frame:
11.7.2022 – 30.6.2023

Lack of integrated data for combating bee diseases, non-existent honey quality control in traditional apiaries, decreasing number of bees, uncontrolled use of pesticides, replicating mistakes in apiary management by new generation of beekepers, low productivity of apiaries in comparison to the perfect environmental conditions in Ukraine and many more.

Solution: The main idea of the project is to combine advance technology and computer science with an old-fashioned branch of agriculture such as beekeeping by creating a new product: Smart AmoHive Apiary.
Each AmoHive will be equipped with GPS transmitters and censors for monitoring of bee colony well-being. All of that to increase the efficiency of professional beekeeping and data collection for further research on life of bee.


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