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Bin-e – a smart and COVID-19 safe waste management system


Bin-e Sp. z o.o.

Local Partner:
National Ecological Centre of Ukraine (NECU)

Total budget, incl. co-financing:
US$ 51,026

US$ 40,000

Time Frame:
1.12.2020 – 20.4.2021

As a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic, most countries, including Ukraine, are facing the problem of introducing precautions in order to prevent the spread of the virus. Promoting mask wearing has led to an extraordinary increase in the production of disposable masks and a large increase in medical waste, much of it made from environmentally harmful single-use plastics.

Development of a smart waste bin that tackles the challenges of save waste disposal and waste management in public indoor places, during the COVID-19 pandemic. The solution consists of a device for automatic waste segregation and a mobile app. The smart waste bin recognizes the type of waste and sorts it to the relevant chamber automatically, while plastics and papers are compressed to decrease the volume. The collection service gets notified automatically when one of the bins inside is full. Each device can be easily managed via an app that shows the fill level of each bin in real-time.


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